Why choose NDGAI?

We help organisations solve some of their most important problems. Our software increases their profit margins while enabling them to offer a better customer experience.

Our history

The delivery of efficient and quality service is at the heart of NDGAI‘s story.

Founded by Nigel Gittins, NDGAI‘s history is rooted in supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes to schedule thousands of hours of field-based services every day.

In 2002, Nigel’s parents were running a home care agency. This gave Nigel a unique insight into the difficulties they face when scheduling mobile workforces, particularly with a growing workforce and client base.

None of the scheduling systems on the market at the time did what Nigel’s parents required: quick, easy and efficient automated creation of worker schedules.

With an extensive background in software development in the TV, oil and retail sectors, Nigel focused his skills on solving the issues his parents’ home care agency were facing. As a result, in 2002 Webroster.net was developed as the first care-specific web-based scheduling platform.

Working with the University of Nottingham, Nigel’s team completed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to improve workforce utilisation, pushing the boundaries of technology to enable organisations to provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency in the field.

In 2020, Nigel sold Webroster to The Access Group, but he and the NDGAI team continue to develop the artificial intelligent scheduling tool, OptifAI, which is used to add value to our partners’ scheduling software propositions.

We are pioneers in web-based technology

We never stop innovating. NDGAI will be the greatest innovator of artificially intelligent algorithms focused on improving field-based workforce scheduling around the world.

We will achieve this by pushing the boundaries of technology creating effective and affordable artificial intelligence for scheduling software.

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We prioritise organisations’ business goals

We facilitate organisations’ business needs. We focus on what matters to them. Whether that’s delivering quality or consistent service or reducing operational costs and maximising profits or a balanced approach using all of the above, we create solutions to meet their needs.

We are reliable

You can rely on NDGAI, from the software through to our people.

Through using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting, NDGAI provides a reliable, resilient and secure hosting platform. 

Our UK-based sales and support team is on hand to provide help and to answer any questions you may have.

We have a wealth of experience. Our team has been innovating workforce management solutions for almost 20 years and we pride ourselves on constantly evolving.  We use the latest innovative technologies to continually develop and innovate our products and services, in collaboration with industry-leading experts, our partners and users.

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