Why should you partner with us?

See for yourself the benefits that our products can offer.

Partner benefits

Whatever industry your software serves, OptifAI will add value to your scheduling software proposition enabling your customers to achieve:

  • Significant service delivery cost savings: More efficient schedules reduce labour and travel costs in the field, enabling  you to take on more business without the expense of additional staff
  • Enhanced service levels: Ensuring the right skills and characteristics are in the right place at the right time ensure you deliver the highest level of service 
  • Increased productivity: Boost efficiency and staff utilisation levels
  • Administrative efficiency: Save hours of manual scheduling freeing up staff to fulfil other administrative tasks such as reviewing service plans and creating plans for new services, delivering a better return on investment on their wages
  • Improved wellbeing and employee satisfaction: Design schedules that support employees’ health, safety and work-life balance

As well as offering pioneering technologies to your customers there are many other benefits to becoming an NDGAI software partner reseller. These include:

  • Add value to your scheduling software proposition
  • Modern state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology
  • Plug and play integration – easily configure the AI engine into your systems
  • White-labelled SaaS – OptifAI can be branded to your corporate identity
  • Cloud-based architecture – All OptifAI services are online-only, there is no need to purchase infrastructure

Joining our partner team
really is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

We have made our onboarding process as easy and pain-free as possible to minimise your sales ramp-up time and maximise your productivity.

1. Planning


Request and receive an exciting demonstration of our innovative OptifAI solution from one of our experienced sales team.

You will be provided with a ‘data checklist’ advising which fields need to be populated within your software for OptifAI to be able to generate your scheduling solutions.

Additionally, you will be provided with template CSV files to populate which will provide us with the data we need to upload into the OptifAI engine to demonstrate your optimised solution.

You send back your completed templates to our eagerly awaiting team.

Data Check

With experienced eyes our team will sanity check your populated CSV template files and follow up with you if anything is missing.

Once we are all happy that the required data inputs have been successfully met you can ‘Try it Now’.

You will receive login details to our Partner Portal, where you can begin testing out OptifAI. You can login, upload your completed CSV files and request a solution from the revolutionary OptifAI engine.


We strongly suggest that you try out all the pre configured scheduling templates to experience the different solutions OptifAI can produce, as different organisations will require different scheduling solutions.

After you’ve had the chance to test the OptifAI engine, our expert team will call to talk through the results and explain the solutions OptifAI has generated.

Decision to Buy

When you have been suitably impressed with the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the OptifAI solution, contact our friendly sales team to begin the sales process.

When you are happy with the sales contract sign off the sales order.

You will then be invoiced for your one-off implementation fee.

2. Delivery


First, we will hold a project kick off meeting. This meeting is designed to introduce you to the team, confirm your package and what is included then give you a high level overview of the online training package that comes with your software licence. This meeting is a great opportunity for you to raise any questions you may have.

You’re all set. Use your login details to the Partner Portal to start integrating OptifAI into your system.

In the Partner Portal you will find the online training modules for development, sales and support.


Follow the detailed instructions to implement the web services and initiate the integration of the OptifAI API into your software.

If you have purchased our useful and descriptive white-labeled user interface source code to enable your customers to use the wizard screens, you will embed these into your own software at this point.

If not, you will need to develop your own user interface screens to be used in your software.

Our team of development experts will be on hand to advise you at each step of the integration journey.

3. Completion

Optimise and Sell

Enjoy, you are live, your customers can start enjoying the benefits that OptifAI can offer them and you will reap the rewards by winning more business and increasing your recurring revenue.

Your feedback is very important to us. We will send you a partner experience evaluation form. This helps us continuously improve the experience of our partner journey.

Login to the Partner Portal to access the white-labeled training and sales resources for your team to use to maximise their performance.

Our helpful and friendly support and account management teams are on hand should you need us.

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