It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Collate data


Your rostering software will likely have a report tab with a suite of standard reports, within which suitable reports containing the data required for import to the OptifAI portal. NDGAI experts are on hand to advise.

Example data

Service user information , worker information , skills, areas , locations, availability , visits


The files containing the extracted data should be saved so that they are easily accessible, for example, to your desktop. Once you have successfully extracted the required data, the files can be easily uploaded into the OptifAI portal where the information will be used to create your optimal solution.

2. Choose a Template

Select one of our seven preconfigured templates, designed in collaboration with leading industry experts, or design your own template to meet your specific business needs.


3. Optimise

Whatever your business goals and objectives may be, OptifAI will convert your data into the most optimum solution… in minutes.

It’s time to press the magic button!

The OptifAI solution can be amended very easily should you wish then simply copy and paste straight into your rostering software.

Reap the benefits

• Meet your organisation’s objectives and values

• Improve your performance and profitability while helping provide a better quality of service

• Maximise your bottom line

• OptifAI creates consistent and unbiased decisions which are based on business objectives

• OptifAI doesn’t have a bad day, go on holiday or call in sick

• OptifAI can work around existing visits that do not want to be changed

• Easy comparable solutions – OptifAI allows you to check and compare different scenarios while forecasting profits, continuity of service, travel and other metrics

• OptifAI ensures compliance with the European Working Time Directive, Working Time

• Regulations, corporate policies and more

• Avoid penalties for noncompliance

• Ensure compliance with clients’ booking constraints to prevent damage to business reputation from compliance failings

• Save hours of manual scheduling

• Make fast emergency adjustments

• Gain more efficient coverage

• Gain flexible scheduling for different geographic areas

• Minimise your worker travel time

• Flexible schedule management – partially adopt a proposed solution

• You are always in control – AI enhances care coordinator scheduling abilities

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