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Boost efficiency and staff utilisation levels with OptifAI

By August 3, 2022September 2nd, 2022No Comments

We humans often get caught up in a race against time and can be heard saying things like “there are never enough hours in a day” or “ I need a three day weekend”!  Before we know it we’ve spent ten minutes worrying about what we don’t have! The reality is life is busy and time is an important commodity and it shouldn’t be spent worrying!

Efficient employees are productive employees

Businesses need technology to provide newer, smarter and more innovative ways to engage with the world.

OptifAI automatically matches mobile workers to client-centric time-frames, skills and equipment requirements, enabling businesses to determine and deliver the highest standard of service to clients.

AI enables the mobile workforce to work smarter and utilise their time better as well as being more productive both in the office and field.  

OptifAI is user friendly,  easy to use and saves hours of manual labour creating and maintaining schedules to meet service users’ requirements. Not only that but it is fast, efficient, flexible and most importantly it is responsive toward business needs, goals and objectives. 

Work smarter not harder

We  have solved the mobile workforce problem “mobileworkforceology” faced by organisations delivering services in multiple locations to client-centric requirements and who wish to provide excellent, cost effective and consistent continuity of service, for example in the home care, cleaning, security and facility management industries.

We do this better than any other system

OptifAI allows businesses to boost efficiency and utilise staff levels by working smarter resulting in a sticky, reliable workforce. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have said.  Our success stories prove OptifAI can improve mobile workforce productivity by 30%.

Why wouldn’t you want this for your business?

Get in touch today for a free demo of OptifAI with our experienced team and find out how much time and money we could be saving you!

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