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Carers Week is an annual campaign brought to life by individuals, groups and organisations coming together to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

The demands on the care sector created by Covid-19, increases in the cost of living, significant loss of income, staff shortages due to Brexit, initial vaccination mandates and zero-hour contracts, shows how hard the sector has been hit.

In May 2022 NDGAI and Golddust Marketing brought together 60 people from the social care sector to discuss social care challenges and provide a holistic overview. The collective team of people took time to discuss solutions to help address these challenges head-on.

Participants included representatives from local authorities, providers of care homes and home-based care, care charities, care workers, people receiving care or service users, suppliers to the sector including recruiters and technology providers, social care thought leaders and others passionate about social care.

Some clear patterns emerged as a result of these discussions including policies and regulations, communication and training, leadership and collaboration, recruitment and retention, and data and technology.

The discussion was heartfelt and hugely beneficial for everyone involved.

We want to continue this work and help improve and transform social care for everyone.

Once again the NDGAI team would like to thank everyone involved in the 360 Social Care Debate.

We will continue to support this campaign to raise awareness of social care and find ways to support individuals, organisations, families and communities.

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