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Today is International Women’s Day, an event that celebrates women’s achievements worldwide. International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the 1900s, with the aim to achieve full gender equality for women.

The covid-19 pandemic has most certainly brought many challenges for women, including job losses, a rise in domestic abuse; and the pressures of homeschooling. It has been an extremely challenging year, but there has also been lots of positivity to some of the changes we have had to make. #choosetochallenge

Looking at the women behind the scenes of NDGAI’s existence, we thought why not celebrate the day with the positivity that women bring to our workforce. 

Meet the women on the team and their thoughts on how they have had to challenge themselves this year.

Sharon Warr Is NDGAI’s Operations Manager.  She is responsible for the smooth running of the company by developing and implementing corporate policies and procedures and overseeing the company’s high-level HR duties.

Sharon has over 30-years of experience in a variety of managerial roles in planning and management and prides herself on her ability to motivate and lead people to get the best out of them.

Sharon said:

“Helping with the start of a new business during lockdown has had its own set of challenges, but in a positive way! I wear lots of different hats and have been able to get involved in many parts of the business that in larger corporations I would not get the opportunity to.

 “Daily I am pushing myself to my limits by taking myself out of my comfort zone, but I have learnt so many new skills along the way!”


Emma Long  Is NDGAI’s Marketing and Communications Manager. She is responsible for the promotion and positioning of our brand and the products and services we sell.

Emma has over 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and communications. Emma prides herself on her ability to identify opportunities and be creative.

Emma said:

“ This year has been incredibly difficult for people.  I have been lucky that the people I work with at NDGAI offer a supportive and safe place to work, where I have been able to share those harder days. 

“This last year has given me the chance to help shape the future of NDGAI, and this has helped me stay mentally focused. I look forward to the day we can all meet again.”                                                                                                                                      


Katy Chilvers is NDGAI’s Business Administration Apprentice. Katy is responsible for supporting the team with a variety of administration duties. Katy has experience in customer service and administration and prides herself on her organisational skills and takes pride in her work.

Katy said:

“As a mother, during the covid 19 pandemic, it has been a particularly challenging time. The struggles of having children at home as well as holding down a full-time job, and studying for my apprenticeship has been somewhat stressful at times! 

“I am very grateful for NDGAI’s support with their flexible working approach. I am so much happier at work knowing that my family is safe, and I feel fully supported by the team at NDGAI”.


Anju Lawlor Is NDGAI’s financial controller. Anju is responsible for the business’s accounting activity and financial compliance. With over 40 years of experience in bookkeeping, accounting and finance management Anju prides herself on her ability to set up and manage efficient and effective accounting systems for business.

Anju said:

“During Lockdown I have been looking after my mental and physical well being by joining a women’s support group on Facebook. I have also taken part in zoom meetings regarding cancer and women’s health.

“These groups have inspired me. I like to keep fit by going on long walks, and I have challenged myself and others, by setting monthly exercise challenges on the Women’s Health group”.


Working in an environment that cares about and continually elevates and celebrates the achievements of women within the workforce is inspiring.

These qualities aren’t just something we keep to ourselves either. NDGAI’s history is created by wanting to care, by innovating technologies to create a better world for our customers.

One of our principles is that we make a difference. We develop products and relationships that make a positive difference to our partners, users, their workforce and their clients. 

We value each other and we value our customers.

Why not be a part of our world, we are happy to help and are here to support and inspire you and your business.