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Change the Way You Schedule Your Homecare Staff

By November 17, 2022No Comments

A hiccup-free work schedule is something most homecare managers dream of. However, unfortunately, few actually achieve it. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of employee scheduling tips to help you build a more effective schedule for your workforce. 

Get to know your team

The first step to getting a better grip on your staff scheduling is to prioritise getting to know the people on your team. Start by putting together a list of your employees, then make a note of their skillset, personality type, qualifications, overtime restrictions, and preferred working hours.

Taking the time to do this will arm you with the knowledge you need to easily determine when and where is the best place for each employee to work. Not only will this make the scheduling process easier for you, but your employees will appreciate having an accommodating schedule too.

Create an employee-first schedule

A good schedule is one that not only works well for your business needs, but also benefits your employees too. Although it’s business critical to get the most out of your workforce, it’s also important to create a schedule that fits around your employees to avoid things like overworking, job dissatisfaction, and absenteeism.

While it may seem simple, getting to know your employees on a personal level will make a great difference to your ability to produce a schedule that considers their wants and needs.

Publish your schedule in advance

It’s important that your employees are made aware of when and where they are working with enough notice. Publishing your schedule in advance will not only notify your employees of their shift pattern in good time, but it will also give you the opportunity to make any changes if needed. 

We suggest publishing your schedule at least two weeks in advance to give your employees enough time to:

  • Schedule personal or social commitments such as doctor’s appointments or childcare duties
  • Rearrange any existing personal or social responsibilities that may conflict with the schedule
  • Swap shifts with other employees if appropriate 
  • Arrange transport
  • Highlight any issues they may have with the schedule

Use an intuitive software solution to automate your scheduling

Investing in a dedicated scheduling tool like OptifAI will undoubtedly help streamline the tasks involved in schedule building and cut your administration time in half. Using intelligent ai-powered algorithms, OptifAI automatically looks for the quickest, easiest, and most efficient scheduling pathways based on skillset, availability, and location to remove the headache of scheduling multiple teams and leaving you to get on with the important stuff.

In addition, this innovative tool boasts several advanced features that help homecare managers accelerate their scheduling process such as:

  • 7 preconfigured scheduling templates to choose from
  • Scheduling conflict notifications
  • ‘Quick view’ availability tracking
  • Drag and drop shift swap
  • Rota copy and paste
  • Useful insights to track, view, and forecast labour costs


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