Software escrow service

Our software escrow service assures the long-term availability of NDGAI business-critical software and applications for you in the unlikely event NDGAI were unable to support or maintain the software following a merger, acquisition, legal dispute or insolvency.

A software escrow solution is a simple and effective arrangement designed to mitigate risk and protect all parties involved providing a fundamental level of security, protecting business continuity.

Our provider’s software escrow service ensures that source code is held securely ensuring that the material can be accessed and released should the need arise.

How does software escrow work?

NDGAI provides NCC Group with a copy of the software application source code which NCC Group deposits in one of their secure physical vaults or in their secure cloud environment, depending on how the application is hosted. The deposited materials are updated at regular agreed intervals to ensure that the source code held in escrow is always up to date and reflects the current version of the software.

In the unlikely event that we were unable to meet our contractual obligations, our partners who are party to the software escrow agreement can apply for a release of the source code held in escrow under pre-agreed release terms.

Once released, you can then maintain the software, working from the original source code, whether that be in-house or by engaging with another supplier.

What are the benefits of software escrow?

Protects business-critical intellectual property
Plays a key part in business continuity planning
Mitigates the risks associated with the use of third party software
Enhances a responsible and reputable company image
Supports compliance with regulatory frameworks and guidelines

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