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Get a Balanced Life Month

By January 29, 2021March 10th, 2021No Comments

The month of January is typically the start of new beginnings, and a fresh start for many to drive them through the year. Historically January is the month of getting our lives in some sort of balance.

If leaving the office at the end of the week feels the same unorganised situation now as it did last Friday, then now is time to take control of your business, get organised and set achievable goals, you, your staff and your clients can benefit from.

During the last year, the Covid pandemic has affected everyone around the world with similar difficulties, and as we stand, the future is still uncertain. Some of the smallest changes we make can have the biggest impact on those of the people around us. We may not be able to change the world at present, but we can make changes to improve it.

2020 was a memorable year for NDGAI, as we set about working to create solutions to meet the home care industry’s key objectives. 

Our pioneering SaaS technology development OptifAI has significantly added value to workforce scheduling, for users who roster field-based workers to client-centric timeframes, locations, skills and equipment requirements, like carers, enabling them to offer the highest standard of services.

Those already using OptifAI find the benefits are profound to their organisation’s objectives and values. The quality of service they can provide whilst improving performance and profitability is key.

How can we help?

OptifAI is designed to instantly automate the planning process of efficient schedules. Time is precious in a business, and OptifAI can help solve those timely objectives and deliver amazing results, you will wish you had used them sooner.

The NDGAI team has worked in partnership with industry-leading experts and our users, to be able to create and develop seven scheduling templates which will help you achieve your business goals. Each template produces a different solution depending on your scheduling criteria, however, the human coordinator is always in control. And if we don’t have a template that suits your business requirements, users can easily create their own.

OptifAI’s scheduling planning can help your business:

  • Deliver better quality of service
  • Reduce costs and maximise profits
  • Improve working conditions
  • Create loyal staffing
  • Reduce the need for recruitment 
  • Establish good working relationships with clients
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Guarantee compliance

The delivery of an efficient and quality service is at the heart of what we do. Our history is rooted in supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes to schedule thousands of hours of field-based services every day. 

NDGAI uses the latest innovative technologies to continually develop and innovate our products and services. What we do is the future, and we want you to be a part of it.

“Not only has OptifAI streamlined my scheduling process, saving time in the office, but it has made my schedules more efficient, resulting in me freeing up carer time too. This has enabled me to take on more business, without the expense of additional staff.” 

Emma Culley, Managing Director, Rest Assured Homecare Limited UK.

Get in touch today for a chat with one of our experts and let’s see how this could change your business objectives for 2021 and more.

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