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With the severity of climate change on the rise, an increasing number of organisations are now looking at ways they can adopt greener working processes and reduce their carbon footprint. 

There are several ways businesses can do this, from little changes like reusing waste paper from the printer to bigger changes like investing in solar panels.

But have you ever considered AI scheduling software to be an option?

Here are three ways OptifAI can help you adopt greener working processes and reduce your business’s carbon footprint. 


  • More efficient coverage

Thanks to OptifAI’s efficient scheduling capabilities, you can slash mileage and fuel costs across your entire field-based workforce. OptifAI’s clever AI-driven algorithms automatically schedule the worker that is closest to the call and costs the least to reduce travel time and distance between clients. 

  • No need to double up on staff

OptifAI automatically assigns calls to workers with the relevant skills and experience. This means that there will be no workers assigned to jobs they cannot complete without the help of additional staff or management. 

  • Reduces missed appointments 

Say goodbye to missed appointments and staff with gaps in their schedules. If a client makes a change to a call or cancels it, you can automatically notify your staff of any changes. So, no wasted fuel, time, or money.


Ready to go green? 

Want to hear more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint and go green? Speak to our team today about a FREE 30 day demo.