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HELP- a powerful channel 4 pandemic drama

By September 17, 2021No Comments

Last night channel 4 aired a powerful one-off drama centered around the COVID_19 pandemic, HELP.

The drama was based on the care home crisis during the pandemic and was produced to shine a light on the industry hit hardest. 

The drama begins with the first reports of coronavirus cases and staff being asked to wear face masks as small coughs are heard down the corridors. The drama goes on to emulate staff’s growing panic as the situation escalates. Shortage of PPE,  shortage of staff, 20-hour shifts, cancelled visits for loved ones…mimicking the stress, upset and traumatic experiences many real life carers will have gone through themselves whilst looking after those in their care, during this time.

Help is a powerful insight into the dire situation many of our caregivers found themselves in during the pandemic, and although this was created to be a sobering Covid drama, only the insensitive among us will turn their heads and say “it’s just a drama.”

It was not all doom and gloom however, the drama also portrayed an incredible insight into the heartwarming relationships caregivers provide on a daily basis.  Their love and dedication to providing care is something that makes us all proud and is something that will resonate with many of us.

So today is another THANK YOU, to all of the caregivers across the UK, for all the hard work being continually provided in our communities, our families and each other.

You are doing an amazing job!