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The social care sector is under immense strain to deliver care to an increasingly growing ageing population with limited resources. Austerity measures mean more care needs to be provided with less funding. 

Technological advancements like OptifAI will support social care providers with servicing the growing market. OptifAI is the solution to increased social care demand.

The more efficiently you work, the more you can care

The difference OptifAI can make to home care organisations is phenomenal. Our innovative artificially intelligent algorithms not only automate the scheduling process, they also create more efficient schedules, improving your organisation’s performance and profitability.

Providing quality care with limited funding can be a struggle. OptifAI is the solution and will deliver:

  • Significant service delivery cost savings: More efficient schedules reduce labour and travel costs in the field, enabling  you to take on more business without the expense of additional staff
  • Enhanced service levels: Ensuring the right skills and characteristics are in the right place at the right time ensure you deliver the highest level of service 
  • Increased productivity: Boost efficiency and staff utilisation levels
  • Administrative efficiency: Save hours of manual scheduling freeing up staff to fulfil other administrative tasks such as reviewing service plans and creating plans for new services, delivering a better return on investment on their wages
  • Improved wellbeing and employee satisfaction: Design schedules that support employees’ health, safety and work-life balance

Cheshire West and Chester Council Council are using OptifAI to save time and money

Cheshire West and Chester Council Council are meeting this challenge head-on. They have been able to improve the service for their clients, achieve compliance and reduce their back-office costs enormously. They have improved their employee satisfaction rates too – so everyone’s a winner.

Here they tell us just how they did it:


Scheduling solutions created specifically for home care organisations

The delivery of efficient and quality service is at the heart of NDGAI‘s story. Our history is rooted in supporting home care providers of all shapes and sizes to schedule thousands of hours of field-based care services every day.

The difference OptifAI can make to home care organisations is remarkable. OptifAI helps home care providers solve some of their most important problems by reducing operational costs while enabling providers to offer better customer experiences.

World-class artificially intelligent algorithms match field-based carers to client-centric timeframes, skills, qualifications and equipment requirements, enabling home care providers to determine and deliver the highest standard of home care services to their clients.

OptifAI is easy to use and will save care coordinators hours of manual labour creating and maintaining schedules to meet their clients’ requirements. It is fast, efficient, flexible and most importantly, it is responsive towards organisations’ needs.

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OptifAI is made to save the care sector time, reduce costs, minimise errors and ensure compliance.