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When it comes to technology, the home care sector has seen an evolution in recent years. Mobile workforce scheduling systems have long been in place, however, the last few years have seen a surge in both the number of solutions in the marketplace and the number of companies that use a digital platform for their rostering. 

Care management systems, such as Birdie and everyLIFE, have become commonplace, allowing caregivers to create and maintain care plans while in service users’ homes. This allows more time to be spent delivering care and less time spent on paperwork. 

The Covid 19 pandemic was an unexpected event in our lives that no one was prepared for or the consequences that were to follow, even now. The effect on the home care sector had a huge impact on the future of home care businesses and a realisation that efficient mobile workforce scheduling is essential to business. Not only to help ride the storm that the pandemic but also to help future-proof them.

The current situation is very different from the early days of the pandemic when care homes were hit extremely badly by coronavirus and many residents sadly died. The pandemic magnified some social care key problems, and today, the care sector is still suffering from market fragility. 

Some care providers went out of business because they could not overcome unmet needs. The stresses on staff, sickness and isolation, lack of support with PPE and funding, and even being able to offer the right care, by protecting their clients as well their staff.

One positive of the pandemic was the use of digital technology. The CQC has been quick to acknowledge this with a series of talks on aspects of this subject. There is no doubt this has been a universally good thing for the sector. 

This has been a monumental time for NDGAI, our specialist teams, partners and end-users. With our artificial intelligence software OptifAI, our customers that were already using OptifAI pre-Covid were only facing a smaller battle than that of other businesses around them.

OptifAI’s best benefit for businesses has been the quality of care providers have been able to give, by allowing them to be more efficient.

Care coordinators were able to work more efficiently with their mobile workforce. OptifAI allowed flexibility when needing to amend schedules quickly through sickness or isolation. Taking what was previously a rather time-consuming job and streamlining it considerably.

Routes were planned more efficiently, and safely. Visits had the right mobile carer for the right job, protecting not only the clients but the staff as well.

Better schedules improved the well-being of the whole team, meaning further improved personal relationships and mental health awareness. Families of care receivers had greater support knowing that their loved ones were being offered the highest level of care.

The schedule solutions that OptifAI creates enables businesses to be more profitable in mobile workforce scheduling. The improved administration efficiency has meant time is focused on the business, rather than in it.

The demands placed on an already stretched social care sector are well documented. A growing ageing population with ever more complex care needs poses numerous challenges to those tasked with the provision of these critical services. NDGAI can help these care services with an effective yet affordable solution that is desperately needed. Given how innovative technologies have played a vital role in improving standards both in care and outside of it, we believe AI can help improve the quality and pace at which social care is delivered and our existing customers prove this!

OptifAI allows organisations to define what is a priority to them and automate the creation of schedules based on their business objectives.

The great thing about OptifAI is that it is designed to work with existing scheduling systems, adding significant value to the technology you have already invested in.

Why not give us a call today, and let’s see if we can future proof your business too? We look forward to working with you.


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