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How OptifAI Benefits the End User

By July 20, 2022September 2nd, 2022No Comments

Managing field-based workers and their schedules is a complete minefield, and a time consuming, complex task at best. 

With OptifAI, you can leave the spreadsheet chaos behind, and say hello to seamless, AI-driven staff scheduling at the click of a button. This means no more scheduling conflicts, no more compliance issues, and definitely no more mistakes.

OptifAI offers benefits across the board, however in this post, we will outline the benefits that OptifAI offers to the end user.

Guarantees compliance

OptifAI ensures schedulers comply with regulatory requirements such as the European Working Time Directive by automatically scheduling breaks, limiting shift patterns, and calculating hours worked so you don’t have to.

Streamlines processes

With OptifAI, schedulers can instantly assign shifts to employees with the necessary qualifications, experience, and availability for the job.

Fill empty shifts with a few simple clicks, simplify shift management, and streamline your entire workforce by setting ongoing shift patterns and templates.

When you streamline your processes and create a more efficient workforce, you can:

Reduce unnecessary additional wage cost spent on employing cover staff

Branch out to new areas and offer your services in additional locations

Promote a happier and healthier work life balance for your staff which leads to increased employee retention

Improves service and quality

In a patient-focused world, time is of the essence. 

With OptifAI, you can get the answers you require in an instant. View by day, week, employee, or even location and access the information you need in seconds so that there’s no risk of compromising the quality of your service.

Nothing gets missed

AI doesn’t miss a trick, and neither will you when you’re using OptifAI to schedule your staff. Never deal with scheduling conflicts, shift clashes, or overworked staff again as OptifAI uses intelligent AI algorithms to do it on your behalf. 

It saves time
Save hours every week with intelligent forecasting and instant scheduling across multiple locations. Use the time you have saved to focus on more important tasks that really do need your time and attention.

Cheshire West and Chester Council said: “OptifAI has enabled us to provide more care in fewer hours”.

It adapts to your needs and grows with you

OptifAI scales with your business. Start with a small team covering a handful of locations and scale up to multiple teams across hundreds of locations in no time at all.


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