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How OptifAI Can Save Hours of Manual Scheduling Time

By August 24, 2022No Comments

As a busy manager, you almost certainly juggle multiple tasks per day just to keep your head above water, and we would probably be right in saying that these tasks don’t all get completed in the time that they need to be.

Whether it’s scheduling the right employee for the right job, finding a replacement for a missed shift, or making sure everyone gets the holiday allowance they’re entitled to, managing staff and their schedules is a challenging and time-consuming job at best. 

If you’re not automating your staff scheduling process to eliminate monotonous tasks, then you are wasting valuable time that could be spent more productively elsewhere. 

In this article, we will demonstrate how using OptifAI to schedule staff can not only remove the burden of having to complete repetitive, menial tasks, but cut your manually scheduling time in half. 


Use preconfigured scheduling templates to cut scheduling time in half

OptifAI offers seven preconfigured scheduling templates that can automatically turn your data into a fully functioning rota. This saves hours of time that would ordinarily be spent searching through spreadsheets and files.

Assign new calls in an instant 

When an employee calls in sick, you don’t have time to search through multiple spreadsheets looking for an available replacement. Using intelligent AI algorithms, OptifAI searches for an available replacement and automatically assigns them to the job, so you don’t have to.  

Automatically notify staff of any changes

If a client or employee makes a change to a call or cancels it, OptifAI will automatically reschedule all visits for all staff members. This means that you can say goodbye to hours of manual scheduling.

Rerun changes temporarily or permanently 

Occasionally, changes need to be made to a client call. This could be anything from the start time to the duration of the shift and sometimes even the number of staff needed for the job. Using OptifAI, you can make these changes and then save them, so they can be paused or rerun at any time.

It’s important to remember that with OptifAI, you are still in control. OptifAI is there to take away the burden of menial tasks and optimise the way that you schedule your workforce, so that you can reallocate your time where it is needed. 


Discover how OptifAI can drastically reduce your scheduling time by experiencing its full potential with a free no obligation demo. 

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