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Increased demand for homecare services is the very definition of a good news/bad news scenario. On the positive side, the increased demand means an increase in business for a lot of homecare companies; however, while the demand for homecare is truly unprecedented, the recruitment crisis facing homecare companies up and down the country is also remarkable. 

According to,  there is the equivalent of 105,000 vacancies for carers posted every day. So what is the answer? The answer is maximising every resource at your disposal. Sometimes the issue isn’t really a recruitment issue at all but an insufficient use of carers time. OptifAI is a groundbreaking AI platform designed to work with your existing scheduling system. Our game-changing ‘Worker Utilisation and Operational Costs’ scheduling template creates schedule solutions using the least number of workers possible by maximising the utilisation of workers. This in turn keeps labour costs as low as possible and solves the issue of worker shortages or highlights the possibility of overstaffing, freeing up labour resources. But don’t just take our word for it.

Paula Snow – Senior Manager of Adult Services at Cheshire West and Chester Council said:

“The scheduling solutions produced by OptifAI have allowed us to effectively and efficiently utilise staff within our newly agreed shorter working day, meaning we can provide more care in fewer hours.”

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence will allow you to take full advantage of the increase in demand for homecare services. Get in touch today and find out why our customers say OptifAI is a real game changer!

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