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Artificial Intelligence or AI is defined as “the stimulation of human intelligence processes by machines”  (

Artificial Intelligence goes all the way back to the years of Greek Mythology when stories were told of intelligent robotics by the Greek god of technology. The debate has lived on through the decades “Can a machine ever truly think like a human?” Scientists have been working on the possibilities of creating an artificial brain ever since. 

AI has influenced our lives so much with machines getting smarter, and some even work better than a human can. AI is no longer a thing of the past, it is shaping our future, and it is now a ‘necessity’.

AI technologies are able to process incoming data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human direction. The huge advances in technology mean we’re now learning how to collect and organise big data, something that would take hours upon hours of manual human labour.

This last year has been a turning point for innovative technologies and the home care industry. Care providers have been doing their utmost to make sure they are still able to offer the very best quality of service to those in their care, despite the challenging times the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. Juggling staff and agency workers due to illness and isolation, limitations on travel and restricted staff to certain residences, to help stop the spread of the virus are all tasks care coordinates have had to handle. This has created more stress and concern for those in charge of managing these expectations.

Every day can seem like a new challenge the world is having to deal with, and solutions are not always as easy to find.

To celebrate Innovation Day NDGAI is sharing some exciting news. We will be launching a new AI software for home care providers. A product adaptation of our already profound scheduling software plugin OptifAI. 

Keeping everyone safe is a primary duty of care, whether it is for the people you are caring for, or the people giving the care. Our OptifAI SaaS offers enormous benefits to the home care industry and their scheduling and routing of mobile workforce requirements.

NDGAI has created a leading-edge solution that is able to think for itself from the data it is given, that will find the best scheduling solutions based on the business’s objectives.

OptifAI SaaS is a powerful, fast and reliable technology. Working with our users and industry experts our team has been working vigorously to make sure we develop a product that meets the needs of the home care industry.

We are currently looking for beta testers who would be interested in taking part in a free trial of our new product, OptifAI SaaS, in March 2021. We already have one of the UK’s most highly-rated home care agencies due to start testing, but we would love for more care providers to be a part of this journey too.

The beta testing is about building relationships and working together as one to deliver a quality service for all.

If you want to be a part of shaping the future get in touch for more information via our online contact us form.


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