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Innovation is crucial to the success of any business. Whatever the industry or role there will be an artificial powered solution designed to make your life easier. Artificial intelligence is transforming the world with remarkable innovations and AI has many advantages: reduction in human error, risk-taking in place of humans, 24/7 availability, help in repetitive jobs, digital assistance and faster decision-making. Businesses can help future proof themselves by implementing AI innovation.

If this is the way where the world is heading, why not head in the same direction and be adaptable to that change?

AI innovations are making the world safer, smarter and cost-effective. Businesses wanting to be a part of the future are acting now and working smarter.

So how can we help?

Innovation is deeply rooted within NDGAI, who we are and what we do. Our very existence is about delivering industry pioneering technologies and innovation. NDGAI’s purpose is to develop groundbreaking, game-changing AI products. Our belief is that software partners deserve unparalleled technologies to automate their workforce scheduling solutions. 

The development of the ‘magic button’ –  OptifAI has enabled us to push the boundaries of innovation enabling our users to provide the highest level of service, quality and efficiency. OptifAI is easy to use and saves hours of manual labour by creating and maintaining schedules to meet service users’ requirements.

Want to know more?

It’s easy for us to tell you how incredible OptifAI is, so see it for yourself.  Become an integral part of driving the innovation process to improve product quality. In early March we will be looking for businesses to beta test the latest upgrades to OptifAI. You will be granted unlimited access to OptifAI whilst conducting our test scenarios giving you every opportunity to experience the magic button for yourself!

Today is  Innovation Day  – help us shape the future of mobile workforce solutions!

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To find out more about our beta testing program email our Operations Director, Sharon Warr at

Or call 0800 080 3313