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Developed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, OptifAI is a result of years of in-depth industry research and development. Not only does OptifAI offer a complete solution to the issues associated with staff scheduling in the care, hospitality, and retail industries, it can also help to lower costs and maximise profitability, too.

In this article, we reveal all.


OptifAI maximises efficiency and saves time

OptifAI uses AI and machine learning to create and manage streamlined and efficient schedules. This means that field-based workers will have the capacity to attend more calls in less time, without feeling overworked. 

When you use OptifAI to schedule your employees efficiently, you will find that there’s no need to recruit additional staff to cover additional calls or pay your staff for overtime.

OptifAI allows you to cover more areas and calls

Increasing the number of calls an employee can attend in one day frees up time for other employees to use elsewhere. This means, you might be able to branch out and increase your service offering, providing a great opportunity to maximise revenue and increase profit. 

OptifAI frees up management time

Remember, wasted time equals wasted money – and this is even more crucial when it comes to higher paid roles such as managers and coordinators. 

OptifAI eliminates hours of manual scheduling and enables managers to create and schedule efficient schedules in minutes, without any fuss. This means that busy managers and coordinators can focus their time ticking important tasks off that ever-growing to-do list. 

OptifAI maximises staff productivity

A happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and productivity equals increased profits. 

With OptifAI, you can create bespoke schedules that suit your employees’ needs, support their wellbeing, and offer a good work-life balance – all of which contribute to increased employee loyalty and longevity. 

OptifAI costs less than a full-time employee

Employing a full-time scheduler would set you back more than £20,000. With OptifAI, you can achieve better results for a fraction of the cost.

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Our team are on hand to talk you through the advantages of OptifAI and answer any questions you may have. We are also offering OptifAI free for 30 days, with access to ALL features and benefits.

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