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NDGAI celebrates its male role models

By November 19, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments

Today is International Men’s Day. The day is celebrated worldwide looking at the positive value men bring to the world. The day seeks to address many different issues surrounding men’s mental health. We wanted to celebrate the positive men from our team here at NDGAI and highlight how they like to unwind to look after their own mental wellbeing.

Nigel Gittins is the CEO of NDG Artificial Intelligence. He is a serial entrepreneur who specialises in developing and hosting innovative web-based applications (SaaS) & Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Nigel has over 30-years’ experience in providing technology and SaaS solutions to businesses and government organisations. Day-to-day, Nigel is responsible for NDGAI’s growth and strategic vision.

Starting a new business can come with lots of stress and so outside of work Nigel likes to unwind by spending his time playing golf, cycling or having fun with his sons and nephew. This is a great way to maintain his mental health and keeps him physically healthy too.

Rodrigo Pinheiro is NDGAI’s Data Science Director and is responsible for creating and maintaining the software engine that makes OptifAI work. He is also responsible for the online servers that host the technology.

Rodrigo has over 15 years’ experience in computing science and computer architecture and will spend his working week finding solutions to a variety of scheduling challenges faced by field-based worker organisations such as care providers, cleaning agencies and field-based engineers.

To relax Rodrigo likes to play video and board games, cook and watch TV series. Relaxation is very important as it reduces stress and can help improve concentration and mood.

Richard Ward is NDGAI’s Chief Information Officer and is responsible for the technical oversight and hosting of our cloud platform, along with the design, engineering and development of our cloud software services and products.

Richard has over 15-years’ experience working in software engineering and spends his working week coding and problem-solving. At the end of the day, he is able to break away from his work and enjoy being a family man. As a father, he is always teasing and playing pranks on the family. Richard is a DIY enthusiast and likes to put his hands to anything and everything. By keeping busy, his mind is active, and doing something he enjoys is great for his mental wellbeing.

Sohail Iqbal is NDGAI’s IT Services Manager and is responsible for governance across all areas of the company’s online and internal services including service hosting, incident management, continual service improvement and client and partner satisfaction. He also plays a key role in ensuring the highest level of support services to our partners and customers.

Sohail spends his week providing technology and software solutions to the business. Outside of work, Sohail uses sport to help keep his body and mind active. He likes to play football, tennis and badminton (when we’re not in the lockdown of course). Exercising regularly helps to keep his mental skills intact, it helps with critical thinking and concentration abilities, all of which is important to his job role.

Thanks to these men, NDGAI have been able to develop intelligent software designed to help employee mental health. OptifAI’s pioneering scheduling abilities help our customers by reducing stress, anxiety and burnout, in the office and the field.

Nigel and the team at NDGAI continue to work hard developing their artificial intelligent scheduling tool, OptifAI, which is used to manage field-based workers efficiently and effectively. 

A good work-life balance increases productivity, and here at NDGAI, we believe that leading a positive and healthy way of life contributes to amazing results!

OptifAI is already being used by homecare providers across the UK. Learn more about OptifAI and how it can make a difference to your service offering