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NDGAI’s UDP (Unique Differential Proposition) Explained

By May 31, 2022No Comments

“If biology is the study of life, ‘mobileworkforceology’ is the study of how to deliver services across many locations, on time, while ensuring we are still person-centred and focused on quality.”

Rodrigo Pinheiro, NDGAI


The 360 Social Care Debate White Paper highlighted the mobile workforce problem, but is this a real-world issue that needs to be resolved?


The problem explained

The mobile workforce problem “mobileworkforceology” is a problem faced by organisations delivering services in multiple locations by field-based workers to client-centric requirements and who wish to provide excellent, cost-effective and consistent continuity of service. This problem is most commonly faced in the home care, cleaning, security and facility management industries.


Has NDGAI solved this problem? 

Yes! We believe we truly have. Our AI solves this problem better than any other system out there. With an investment of over £1.5m, and a government-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Nottingham University, teamed with extensive research and development – OptifAI was born.

OptifAI, NDGAI’s revolutionary, the innovative product completely solves the mobileworkforceology problem. This game-changing product was created by a prodigious team who collaborated and conducted cutting edge, ground-breaking research on methodologies over an eight-year period, tackling Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problems (WSRP).


Reasons why NDGAI is different

  • Delivery of quality service is at the heart of what we do.
  • As a team of industry experts, we understand staff management requirements as we’ve been there. WE GET IT!!!
  • We’ve been in the customer’s position, we understand the industry’s needs, everything they’ve experienced, we’ve lived through.
  • The beginnings of NDGAI are rooted in care service management. Nigel’s parents ran a home care agency, and he had a unique insight into the difficulties they faced when scheduling staff, particularly with a growing workforce and client base.
  • We’ve created a tool to help with decision making and to help solve problems. We built the solution to solve the care industry’s resourcing issues. They don’t need more staff, they just need to utilise them better, and our scheduling solution does just that.
  • We believe in providing the best possible service for clients and working environments for staff and we are certain that we will change the human resourcing world with OptifAI.
  • Using the latest technologies, we continually developed and innovated our products and services, in partnership with our customers, and later Nottingham University, to enable them to save time, money and stress, resulting in more efficient and profitable service delivery.


UDP (Unique Differential Proposition)

So, what is our UDP (Unique Differential Proposition)?

  • OptifAI solves the workforceology problem like no other platform. With its innovative optimisation models and intelligent algorithms, schedulers can automatically generate schedules for a ‘mobile workforce’, i.e., workers that travel between locations to perform tasks.
  • OptifAI delivers high-performance schedules that utilise staff more efficiently, error-free and much faster than any other system because AI never has a bad day.
  • OptifAI makes coordinators’ lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive, resulting in improved business performance, business growth and increased profitability.
  • OptifAI supports industry and organisational compliance, ensuring businesses provide their services with the highest levels of quality, safely and effectively, as well as evidencing a well-managed business with great leadership.
  • OptifAI is inexpensive to implement and run and saves organisations time and money meaning service providers can accomplish much more with fewer resources, enabling expansion in line with market growth and business objectives.


OptifAI really is the magic button… Experience the benefits for yourself and start scheduling with ease today.

Give the team a call today, and let’s help you build a better future for you and your business.


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