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OptifAI is the Solution to all Staffing Issues

By June 23, 2022September 2nd, 2022No Comments


Say adios to complicated spreadsheets, messy email trails and scraps of paper and manage your rotas, schedules, and time sheets in minutes with this cost-effective, time saving solution.

By leveraging powerful algorithms and machine learning, OptifAI really is the solution to ALL your staffing issues.

Discover how…

OptifAI doesn’t take breaks

Although they are essential; morning coffee breaks, lunch breaks and the afternoon tea breaks human schedulers take daily, are all time not spent scheduling staff. OptifAI works around the clock and uses powerful algorithms and machine learning to schedule staff efficiently. 

OptifAI doesn’t call in sick

Sick days can’t be helped but that doesn’t mean they don’t leave a wave of destruction in their wake when they do occur.

When OptifAI is running the show there are no sick days. OptifAI works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so even if someone does call in sick visits still get covered and rotas still get created.

Additionally, if a field based worker calls in sick, you can simply reallocate the visits and send the unallocated visits to the engine, which will automatically reassign them in the most efficient manner possible. No frantic emails, texts, or phone calls in sight!

OptifAI doesn’t take a holiday

Even when holidays are pre-planned it can be hard to arrange cover manually. With OptifAI, holidays are accounted for. OptifAI automates the process of creating and managing shift schedules according to rules and parameters set by the organisation, so once you have set these parameters, OptifAI does all the work!

OptifAI doesn’t take time off for training

Even the most experienced and reliable schedulers need to take time off for training from time to time – this goes for field base workers too.

OptifAI can automatically generate space for training days, simply reallocating the scheduled calls for the trainee and giving them to another worker.

Just a fraction of what OptifAI has to offer…

It’s hard to fathom that these are just a fraction of OptifAI’s great benefits.  There is so much more to be said about this fantastic solution.

With so much more of OptifAI to discover, we would love for you to experience the incredible benefits for yourself. 


We’re offering OptifAI FREE for 2 weeks, which includes access to ALL features so that you can experience the true power of this ground-breaking software for yourself.


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