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“The meaning of ‘making a difference’ is to carry out an action, the result of which is a significant change, or an altered circumstance.”


The world has had to overcome many challenges within the last seven months. Organisations around the globe have been bit hard and have been left with many strenuous decisions to make, and some have been hit far harder than others.

Adult health and social care organisations are among those hit the hardest by COVID-19. Pre-pandemic the sector faced a variety of threats and challenges, from Brexit to funding cuts. One of its most significant problems being a lack of care staff, so add to that, social care workers being amongst the occupational groups at highest risk of COVID-19, and that staff shortage becomes an even bigger problem.

Here at NDGAI, we make a difference to care organisations by revolutionising the way they manage their carers.  By helping care providers make efficiency changes to their schedules we have a positive impact on their clients, employees and bottom line. We are making profound differences to their organisations, through time savings, developing excellent reputations, improving work-life balance for staff, increasing employee satisfaction, and offering more effective and efficient money-saving changes.

Our team, alongside Nottingham University, and backed by government funding, have developed a game-changing artificial intelligent scheduling software, called OptifAI.

OptifAI is a pioneering scheduling resource that is designed to improve care providers’ performance and profitability and help them provide a better quality of service while providing more care with fewer resources.

OptifAI uses world-class artificially intelligent algorithms, to match carers to client-centric timeframes, skills, qualifications and equipment requirements, enabling them to determine and deliver the highest standard of care to their clients.

Our technology is trusted by businesses and not-for-profit organisations to optimise their scheduling solutions, efficiently and effectively.

Here is what some of them have to say…

Richmond and Wandsworth Council

“OptifAI was an excellent tool during the Covid-19 pandemic. It made scheduling rotas quick and easy and was easy to manage remotely by our homeworkers.”

Connie Lally Kite Manager, Department of Adult Social Services and Public Health

Cheshire West and Chester Council

“OptifAI has enabled us to provide more care in fewer hours and has offered us a more effective and efficient scheduling solution to support the evolution of our reablement care services and our new staffing structure.

“The scheduling solutions produced by the software have allowed us to effectively and efficiently utilise staff within our newly agreed working day, meaning we can provide more care in fewer hours.

“Not only has OptifAI made our schedules more efficient but it has also reduced our time spent rostering by half, freeing up the coordinator’s staff time to complete other tasks, making us more efficient on the administration side too.”

Paula Snow, Senior Manager of Adult Services – Read the full case study here

Rest Assured Homecare

“Not only has OptifAI streamlined my scheduling process, saving time in the office, but it has made my schedules more efficient, resulting in me freeing up carer time too. This has enabled me to take on more business, without the expense of additional staff.

“OptifAI has also equipped us to offer greater continuity of care. This is important to my business, as it encourages personal relationships between carers and clients. This has helped us develop an excellent reputation as a leading home care provider in our area, and we benefit from this good reputation from a business perspective.

“Additionally OptifAI was instrumental in the management of services in the first six to eight weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be able to amend the schedule easily and quickly, when we had multiple people calling in sick, or isolating, was paramount and invaluable. I’m not sure how we would have coped without it.”

Emma Culley, Managing DirectorRead the full case study here

These are amazing results for our software users. OptifAI has made significant changes to their organisations and their employees’ lives.

We do not know what the path of pandemic recovery is going to look like, but we do know that the acceleration in technologies is something that the new normal will embrace.

Why not contact us today, and see if we can make a difference to your service offering…



OptifAI is already being used by homecare providers across the UK

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