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NDGAI is excited to announce the release of the next update of our ground-breaking product – OptifAI 16th November 2022…

This new release brings the following new functionality as requested by our customers:

Improved Skills Matching – When a double-up visit or care home shift only requires one of the assigned workers to have a mandatory skill OptifAI currently assigns two workers with the mandatory skill, with this new functionality this is no longer the case!  OptifAI can now assign 1 worker with the required skill and another that doesn’t.  This helps our engine to book all manner of different scenarios, e.g. work shadowing.

Area Zoning – The Area zoning will improve worker travelling results by introducing Max Travel Time & Max Travel Radius per travel type & commuting limits to its options. For example, if a worker is travelling by car you can set a maximum travel time of 15 minutes and a maximum travel radius of 5 miles.  This will ensure that the worker will not travel more than 15 minutes between each visit and the worker will only be assigned visits within a five mile radius of their starting visit.  

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