OptifAI® Partner Program. If you have your own scheduling software product whose customers would benefit from the integration of our OptifAI® product, then we would like to partner with you.

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  • Add the “Best of Breed” AI to your scheduling software proposition
  • Plug and play integration – easily configure the AI engine into your systems
  • White-labelled SaaS – OptifAI® can be branded to your corporate identity
  • Cloud-based architecture – All OptifAI® services are online only, there is no need to purchase infrastructure
  • Improve your customer's carbon footprint
  • Increase your company's recurring revenues
  • Improve your customer's loyalty

We currently offer two ways to become a partner. Firstly, we recommend that you become a Referral Partner. 

With this option our technical teams work on a simple data synchronisation mechanism to flow data between our systems. Once this piece of work has been completed, your sales team can start selling our OptifAI® product to your customers and start benefiting from royalties. Your customers will be able to use the OptifAI® SaaS platform to request an optimised schedule. The solution would be available for them to download using files or pdf reports*.

This approach helps to prove the added value of our AI, for both you and your customers, before committing to become a full Value Added Reseller (VAR). See below for more details on becoming a VAR. Benefits to your customers include:

  • Access to our OptifAI® SaaS platform
  • Automated upload of their data
  • An optimised solution in CSV or PDF format *

* Note: It is possible to achieve an automated upload of the solution into your system as a referral partner, but depends on your API capabilities.

Secondly, we recommend that you become a Value Added Reseller (VAR).

This option is recommended to take place after being a Referral Only partner because it will again involve our tech teams who will need to work on full integration. This typically involves the development of the necessary screens within your own system to replace our OptifAI® SaaS screens, used in the Referral Only partnership.  Your sales team would benefit from having a fully integrated product to sell and significantly improved royalties.

Added benefits to your customers include:

  • No need to use our OptifAI® SaaS platform
  • Fully automated upload of the optimised solution into your system

If becoming a partner interests you please fill in the form below.

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