Our cloud-base scheduling solution, powered by world-class artificial intelligence algorithms, solves organisations most common challenges.

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Why OptifAI®?

Our business objectives are to solve the work force scheduling problem and help make businesses greener.

OptifAI® IS a game changing plugin for your existing scheduling software.

OptifAI® DELIVERS more time to do other / non-scheduling tasks, a proven 30% extra productivity from your existing carers, reduced stress, happier service users and families, improved well being and employee satisfaction.

OptifAI® can enhance your scheduling software by taking into account not only the goals of your business, such as minimising costs and maximising efficiency, but also the goals and preferences of your employees and customers. By using OptifAI®, you can maintain high standards while also attracting and retaining staff who are committed to your ESG agenda. Additionally, if you're looking to reduce your company's carbon footprint and do your part to protect the environment, OptifAI® can help you achieve that goal. Our solutions can help you reduce fuel costs, lower business mileage, and cut down on the time your employees spend traveling. Overall, OptifAI® is designed to help your business achieve more with less, by considering all of your business priorities and objectives. By using OptifAI®, you can improve your scheduling process and make a positive impact on the world.

How does OptifAI®
benefit you?

OptifAI® will save you hours of manual labour producing and maintaining mobile workers schedules.

Whatever your industry, OptifAI® prioritises your business requirements via seven pre-configured templates. Each template offers a different solution based on your selected criteria. OptifAI® proposes solutions that are realistic and can be fine-tuned or amended manually, so you are always in control.

How does it work?

Our pre-defined templates

Continuity of Service

Continuity of Service

Maximises continuity by allocating workers to clients they have previously visited.

Visit Coverage

Strike a balance between covering as many visits as possible, or fewer visits in order to increase the desired business objectives.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Minimises operational costs by reducing mileage and by using the cheapest worker option to fulfil the visit requirements.

Worker Satisfaction

Quality of Service

Accommodate as many of your preferred requests as possible using the same workers.

Fair Share of workload

Strike a balance between fairly distributing visits across the entire workforce, or reducing the number of workers required.

Worker Satisfaction

Worker Retention

Improve working conditions and create loyal workers, by allocating them to preferred areas and reducing traveling times.


A perfect balance between delivering quality of service and worker satisfaction.


If none of our template suits your needs, you can tweak them or even create your owns based on your selected criteria.

Intelligent and Intuitive


Each template produces a different scheduling solution depending on the selected criteria. OptifAI®'s inner logic prevents it from producing unrealistic solutions. The human coordinator is always in control and can quickly fine-tune a schedule either manually or by making changes to the client or worker data.

Powerful and Insightful


OptifAI® generates statistical information about the solution including but not limited to, how many visits OptifAI® covered in comparison to any existing schedules, costs, profit, travel times and distances, continuity of service and compliance with working regulations.

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