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Scheduling staff is a complicated and time-consuming task at the best of times. Using a scheduling tool not only removes the headache of managing multiple complicated schedules, but it can also save costs across the board. 

Discover how OptifAI can help you save on scheduling costs without compromising on productivity or service level in this blog post.


More profitable staff scheduling

Using artificially intelligent algorithms, OptifAI ensures you always have the right people in the right place at the right time. 

Automatically assign shifts to employees with the relevant qualifications for the job

Quickly and easily match shifts to employees based on their availability

If someone calls in sick, you can schedule replacement staff with the click of a button 

Avoid overtime before it happens with efficient staff schedules

Automatically notify your staff of any schedule changes to avoid missed shifts 


Less time spent scheduling, more time spent working

It’s no secret that your managers, coordinators, and team leaders all have more important things to be doing with their valuable work hours. Using OptifAI, they can use preconfigured schedule templates to plan their employees’ schedules- avoiding time wasted creating schedules from scratch and giving them more time to work on other business-critical tasks. 


Quick and easy forecasting 

Using artificially intelligent algorithms, OptifAI offers accurate forecasting so you can prepare for future labour costs without a second thought. 


Enhanced staff wellbeing

Prioritise employee wellbeing by providing your staff with schedules that suit their availability, qualifications, and experience. When your staff are satisfied with their job, they are much more likely to work efficiently and stay in their roles, helping  eliminate recruitment costs.


Repeat business opportunities 

When you excel in providing great service to your customers, you’re more likely to get repeat business from them. Time and time again, OptifAI has demonstrated that it can deliver efficient scheduling that accommodates both your requirements, and the customer’s needs.


OptifAI is a scalable solution

Unlike other scheduling solutions, OptifAI is completely scalable and will continue to accommodate your business as it grows. OptifAI is designed to scale across multiple locations and has the capability to incorporate new teams. 

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