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OptifAI reduces stress levels

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a profound effect on us all, many of us face stress and uncertainty, especially those within the health and social care sector.

The increased infection rates put even more pressure on healthcare providers. The country continues its vaccination rollout programme to try and control the virus, leaving home care workers playing a vital role in caring for our society’s most vulnerable adults.

The social care sector has a vulnerable workforce faced with increased pressures whilst reducing in numbers. This is a difficult time to recruit staff and to retain those already in post.

Reduced funding, staff training cuts, visiting times cut, low staffing levels and the increased dependency of an ageing population, are all factors causing increased stress and worry for the people working in the sector, and this could have harmful effects on their mental health.

NDGAI has been developing software to aid with staff shortages long before COVID-19 and by developing pioneering technologies we are able to support businesses to relieve some of these stresses. NDGAI’s solution OptifAI optimises home care workforce schedules, enabling home care organisations to provide more care with fewer resources.

OptifAI was developed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Years of research and development have resulted in a tool helping organisations become more efficient and profitable in field-based workforce scheduling. Improving performance and profitability while helping provide a better quality of service.

OptifAI is easy to use and saves hours of manual labour creating and maintaining schedules to meet service users’ requirements. It is fast, efficient, flexible and most importantly it is responsive to today’s business needs.

OptifAI can schedule workforces using eight different criteria, depending on your organisation’s objectives:

1. OptifAI maximises continuity by allocating workers to clients they have previously visited.

2. OptifAI maximises the fulfilment of preferred requests by assigning workers with the relevant skills and characteristics to accommodate as many of the clients and service providers’ preferred requests as possible.

3. OptifAI minimises operational costs by reducing mileage and by using the cheapest worker option to fulfil the visit requirements.

4. OptifAI minimises travel time and distance between client visits to reduce travel costs.

5. OptifAI Minimises the number of workers required to fulfil the visits, reducing the number of workers needed by the service provider, freeing up resources to fulfil new contracts.

6. OptifAI maximises the assignment of workers within their preferred working area.

7. OptifAI minimises the allocation of workers outside of the areas they are available to work.

8. OptifAI minimises the allocation of workers outside of their available working hours.

Schedule solutions can be rerun at the touch of a button to adapt to change, making organising your schedules less stressful helping create a happier workforce.

“OptifAI has been an excellent tool during the Covid-19 pandemic. It made scheduling rotas quick and easy and is easy to manage remotely by our homeworkers.” Connie Lally Kite Manager, Department of Adult Social Services and Public Health, Richmond and Wandsworth Councils

“OptifAI was instrumental in the management of services in the first six to eight weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be able to amend the schedule easily and quickly, when we had multiple people calling in sick, or isolating, was paramount and invaluable. I’m not sure how we would have coped without it.”– Emma Culley Managing Director, Rest Assured Homecare Limited UK

“OptifAI has enabled us to provide more care in fewer hours and has offered us a more effective and efficient scheduling solution to support the evolution of our reablement care services and our new staffing structure” – Paula Snow Senior Manager Adult Services Cheshire West and Chester Council

“We are not all in the same boat, but we are riding the same storm”

Why not have a look further into how NDGAI, maybe the solution for you, and your team.

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