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Cheshire West and Chester Council

Company name: Cheshire West and Chester Council

Industry: Health and social care

Name: Paula Snow

Role: Senior Manager Adult Services

Product: OptifAI

Started using: July 2019


OptifAI has enabled us to provide more care in fewer hours

Cheshire West and Chester Council provide a reablement and domiciliary service. The reablement service, which is free of charge, is provided for a period of up to six weeks.

The service aims to support people to regain skills of daily living and to live active healthy lives in their community through short term intervention which has a focus on rehabilitation. During this time service user’s progress is monitored and reviewed. If ongoing support is required following the period of reablement, support will be transferred to a home care provider that supports people in their own home on a longer-term basis.

The service offers time-specific visits for medication and some aspects of personal care.

The challenge

Cheshire West and Chester Council required a scheduling solution that would support the evolution of their reablement care services and new staffing structure.

The changes included reducing the working day by one hour, from 7am to 11pm to 7am to 10pm and carers working new six-hour shifts within that working day.

Cheshire West and Chester Council needed a solution that would utilise staff more efficiently and reduce travel times to enable more care to be provided in fewer hours.

The result

“OptifAI has offered us a more effective and efficient scheduling solution to support the evolution of our reablement care services and our new staffing structure.

“The scheduling solutions produced by the software have allowed us to effectively and efficiently utilise staff within our newly agreed working day, meaning we can provide more care in fewer hours.

“Additionally OptifAI has empowered us to improve our employee satisfaction as our carers are now limited to the amount of time they spend travelling between client bookings.

“Not only has OptifAI made our schedules more efficient but it has also reduced our time spent rostering by half, freeing up the coordinator’s staff time to complete other tasks, making us more efficient on the administration side too.”