Lee Trueman
Commercial Director

Lee is NDGAI’s Commercial Director and is responsible for the commercial development at NDGAI. 

Lee has worked in sales for 15 years and has knowledge in the financial, banking, credit card, solar panel, and claim management industries.

Lee has over six years’ experience selling technology exclusively to the home care industry and has extensive experience working in social care and cloud-based SaaS software.

Prior to joining NDGAI Lee held positions at Sky, MBNA, Virgin Media, EMCAS, CarePlanner and Ideagen. Lee is also a member of the Association of Professional Sales.

Lee is very proud that he has enabled so many care companies to move into the 21st century by using his sector knowledge and prides himself on creating and constantly evolving ethical sales models to keep in line with modern technologies/approaches.  

Outside of work Lee enjoys spending his time with his three children, and his friends. He is also an avid fish keeper!