Dr. Rodrigo Pinheiro, BSc, MSc, PhD

Data Science Director

Rodrigo is NDGAI’s Data Science Director and is responsible for creating and maintaining the software engine that makes OptifAI work. He is also responsible for the online servers that host the technology.

Rodrigo has over 15 years’ experience in computing science and computer architecture and has taught at several universities. More recently he has served the health and social care industry at Webroster where he worked in collaboration with the University of Nottingham as a KTP Research Associate to create the OptifAI engine.

Rodrigo gained his PhD with the Automated Scheduling and Planning Group at the University of Nottingham, where he also authored several peer-reviewed scientific articles.

He has spoken about field-based worker scheduling solutions at several healthcare events across the country, as well as having more than ten scientific articles about the subject published. He is experienced with combinatorial optimisation, including workforce scheduling and routing and graph planarisation problems.

Rodrigo prides himself on his ability to find solutions to a variety of challenges faced by field-based worker organisations.

When Rodrigo isn’t solving problems, he enjoys playing board games and trying out new restaurants.