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The mere thought of the words ‘Big Freeze’…makes us shiver but how does the expected big freeze affect us – not just you, but friends, family, colleagues and their families too?

The British public is well renowned for moaning about weather changes but do we ever fully prepare for these eventualities? With the cold weather expected during February and continuing into March, we can expect disruptions to travel, closures of schools, nurseries, and some businesses. 

Those living in remote areas with challenging road networks may find they need to resort to walking to work.  Allowances from employees should be made for these disruptions. Without sufficient staff, businesses will have no choice but to temporarily close or they risk burnout from overworked staff.  Some employers will need to become more flexible as they have a duty of care to their employees, as well as the responsibility of regulatory compliance and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions.

It’s time to think past just gritting the pathways! Planning early for eventualities such as the ‘Big Winter Freeze’ will ensure a happier, work fit and safer workforce and could mean businesses remain open – however cold it gets!

The big freeze is just one example of disruptions in business. Other disruptions, however, can wreak havoc; pandemics, transport strikes, fuel strikes, road traffic accidents are all examples of unexpected disruptions affecting a business and its workforce completely randomly and totally unexpectedly. 

Scheduling processes have enabled businesses to utilise staff more efficiently, reduce operational costs, and increase profit margins. With flexible scheduling for different geographical areas, travel time can be minimised for staff.

OptifAI is the magic button!  OptifAI affords workforce coordinators the ability to amend schedules at the touch of a button.  Efficient, easy to use and fast, OptifAI will save businesses hours of manual labour! 

It’s never too late to think about cost-effective solutions for your business. Our pioneering products are designed by working closely with our end-users, partners and industry-leading experts to ensure they meet the demands and requirements of actual users.

You will never be able to control the weather but with OptifAI you are always in control!

Give us a call today and let’s find the solution for you too!

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