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The NDGAI’s Response to the 360 Social Care Debate White Paper

By May 18, 2022No Comments

Following its successful launch at the Health Plus Care Show today, the 360 Social Care Debate White Paper is now available to view.


What was the purpose of the 360 Social Care Debate White Paper?

The 360 Social Care Debate White Paper is a result of a month-long debate carried out by 60 people from across the social care sector who discussed the challenges within the industry.

The aim was to produce a white paper that would help everyone to understand the issues in the sector from all points of view and identify what could be done to support those receiving care, delivering care, and managing care.

Who was involved?

To ensure the white paper truly represented a 360 view of the issues facing the social care sector, we brought together 60 people from every corner of the industry, including:

  • Local authority representatives
  • Providers of care homes and home-based care
  • Care charities 
  • Care workers
  • People receiving care (or service users) 
  • Suppliers to the sector including recruiters and technology providers
  • Social care thought leaders 
  • …and others passionate about social care

The topics of debate

During the month-long discussions, the representatives debated and discussed 7 key topics:

  • The new Health and Social Care Levy and the Chancellor’s spring statement: will it solve the crisis?
  • Regulators: Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) new strategy – what will be the impact?
  • The cost of care – what other support could help?
  • How is Covid-19 affecting social care?
  • Staffing: How can we build, retain and develop a high-quality workforce?
  • Service users: fear, isolation and loneliness, is this the new norm?
  • Learning from the facts, data and technology intelligence – How can we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are we comfortable with it?

The findings

The white paper clearly defines ‘the mobile workforce problem’ as one of the industry’s primary challenges. The mobile workforce problem “mobileworkforceology” is a problem faced by organisations delivering services in multiple locations by field-based workers to client-centric requirements and who wish to provide excellent, cost-effective and consistent continuity of service.

‘Mobileworkforceology’ is a problem most often seen in the home care, cleaning, security and facility management industries.

Our response

Following over £1.5m of investment, coupled with years of extensive research and development, we have created a product that solves the ‘mobileworkforceology’ problem…

…Introducing OptifAI®

Simple and easy to use, OptifAI® makes scheduling field workers quick and hassle by using optimisation models and intelligent algorithms to automatically generate schedules – tackling Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problems (WSRP) head-on.

You can rely on OptifAI to deliver:

✓ Cost savings

Using OptifAI®’s efficient schedules, you’ll spend less time scheduling and more time working productively.

✓ Enhanced service levels

Provide the level of service you’ve always strived for by placing the right person in the right job the first time.

✓ Increased productivity

Avoid hiccups and errors and free up time that can be spent elsewhere.

✓ Administrative efficiency

Save hours of manual scheduling freeing up staff to fulfil other administrative tasks such as reviewing and creating service plans, and delivering a better return on investment on their wages.

✓ Improved wellbeing and employee satisfaction

Put your employees first by supporting their health, safety and work-life balance with improved schedules.

✓ Never has a day off

AI never sleeps, needs a break or takes time off. So, you can be sure that your staff are always in the right place at the right time.



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Discover how OptifAI can transform the way you schedule staff for good

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