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What Is The InsideOut Leaderboard?

By October 8, 2021June 20th, 2022No Comments

The Insideout leaderboard has a clear mission.  Each year, they publish a list of senior leaders from workplaces who are open about their experience of mental ill-health. The list is designed to celebrate leaders who are playing their part in ending the stigma associated with ill mental health, thus helping others within their organisations speak out and seek help. The list will grow each year, creating a ripple effect with more and more high-performing executives speaking out until it is as normal to talk about mental ill-health in the business world, as it is to disclose a broken leg. 

Everyone here at NDG Artificial Intelligence believes that removing the stigma surrounding mental health to be a mission that will ultimately benefit everyone.  The net of mental health is cast far and wide; it is indiscriminate, affecting men, women, children, all ages and races; it cares not about your religion or sexual preference. Chances are either you or someone you love has suffered from ill mental health at some time.  

NDGAI stands by the mission of the Insideout Leaderboard and is delighted that Commercial Director Lee Trueman has been announced as a role model on the Insideout Leaderboard. 

Lee said, “I am truly humbled to be named as a role model for 2021. It is always a proud moment to be recognised for your efforts but to be recognised for advocating for mental health is something that I am thrilled about.  It’s not about sales figures or revenue, it’s about normalising ill mental health”. 

I look forward to forging a strong and successful relationship with the folks at Insideout Leaderboard. 

Remember, if you are struggling with ill mental health it’s okay – you are not alone. If you are lucky enough to have someone to confide in, please talk to them – you will be surprised how much it really does help. If not, help at hand and I have included some links to ill mental health organisations at the bottom of this blog. 

#smashing the stigma!

By Lee Trueman