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Technology is already leading the way to streamline and improve the delivery of care. 

Technologies such as smartphones and remote health care monitoring systems have allowed healthcare systems to provide better care, not only to those in care, but also the health practitioners delivering the care.  Efficiency within the workforce has improved the quality of care provided and is helping reduce burnout for staff.

So why is it important to invest in AI technology?

Funding innovative solutions is imperative to increase productivity and improve efficiency to deliver better care to more people. The government’s continued reform of social care will encourage further innovations in AI technology and allow for long term future planning. AI technology automates repetitive and mundane tasks, saving hours of manual labour, freeing up staff to fulfil other important tasks and allowing them time to focus more on providing excellent client care.

The use of AI technology means organisations can reduce costs in the field, enabling them to take on more clients and deliver more care to more people.

Is the future of health care positive?

Funding will help create a system that provides not only employment opportunities within the sector, but a skilled and fulfilled workforce in a developing and rewarding sector. 

Support for families and carers will create an overall improvement to the quality of care given, by meeting client needs and supporting client choices.

Increasingly, care providers are being forced to turn down work supporting patients moving from hospital stays back to their own homes. The use of AI technology means providers are able to give a more personalised approach to care, with better workforce strategies and better services, meaning those people who want to live their lives independently at home, can. 

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