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World Product Day

By May 27, 2021No Comments

Today is World Product Day, and here at NDGAI, we wanted to talk about how AI can influence your everyday life, and how the future may look using AI technologies.

When you hear people talking about artificial intelligence, how does it make you feel? It should excite you! However, we know that a lot of people close down on the conversation because they either feel it is a distant high-tech technology that they don’t even need or that they don’t understand, however that is so far from the truth.

AI is a part of our daily lives and is now the future.

Still not convinced? Artificial intelligence is another term for ‘machine learning ’, something we rely on from the moment we get up, to the moment we go to bed. Artificial Intelligence is designed to make our lives more efficient every day.

AI has been evolving at such a speed we have just rolled with it! But do we ever think how much time AI saves us in our daily lives? Remember going to the library? Searching through books and books for the answer to the question you just typed into your google search? Machine learning is incredible and we want to show you how it will benefit you, and your business too.

NDGAI’s solution is OptifAI.

OptifAI is a scheduling rostering software with AI technologies. Using AI we can sort big data and transform the way businesses can run, making them more efficient and profitable. This has been an incredible journey for businesses within the health care sector especially during this last year with the Covid 19 pandemic. Businesses using care management systems have been able to focus on the time they spend on care rather than on the paperwork.

Some of the main difficulties of the pandemic were we had to deal with; travel restrictions, self-isolation, illness, children being homeschooled, working from home. The demands of technology had a huge impact on the economical population and we all had to learn to adapt in a new way. Even now as we start to come out of lockdown we are finding a new normal. When you think about it, technology has had a huge positive impact on the world. We have been able to function even though we were told to put the brakes on everything around us! AI has meant that businesses have been able to continue running even through some very difficult times.

NDGAI developed OptifAI in collaboration with the University of Nottingham in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. The team worked together to find the solution to create a tool that would help organisations become more efficient and profitable in mobile workforce scheduling.

This technology is needed more than ever. Different industry sectors have needed to utilise their mobile workforces.

We understand that each business will have a different way of organising the day-to-day running of their business, but by working closely with experts in the healthcare industry, we have been able to accommodate individual objectives that can be adapted to any business needs. 

  • OptifAI can organise big data, something that we know would take a care coordinator hours of manual labour, time saved can be used on other important tasks
  • OptifAI can process data in a matter of minutes, meaning you no longer need to set aside hours to schedule staff rotas
  • OptifAI can work out the best way to utilise the staff available and therefore create schedules that will not only save time but money also
  • OptifAI allows anyone with login access to create new solutions, meaning at short notice any staff shortages can be quickly adapted, with the data already provided, taking the stress away from management
  • OptifAI allows you to create your own templates, and set your own parameters, meaning if something is more important at one branch than another, you can easily personalise your business objectives to suit individual requirements.
  • OptifAI is continually innovating, find something we could make work better for you? No worries, our team is at the end of the phone, and we are more than happy to spend the time with you to work with you on our developments

OptifAI is designed to work with your existing scheduling software. Now is the time to get ahead and be a part of the future. NDGAI are here to help your business get on board and set your business apart from the competition.

To find out more about how we believe OptifAI is the right choice for you, contact us today.

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