Scheduling Mobile Resources

NDGAI specialises in cloud-based industry pioneering SaaS technology that adds significant value to mobile workforce scheduling solutions.

Our innovative artificially intelligent algorithms not only automate the scheduling process, but they also create more efficient schedules too, increasing performance and profitability.

We facilitate organisations’ business requirements. Whether that’s delivering quality or consistent service, reducing operational costs and maximising profits, or a balanced approach, we create solutions to meet business objectives.

OptifAI matches mobile workers to client-centric timeframes, skills and equipment requirements, enabling organisations to determine and deliver the highest standard of field services to their clients anywhere in the world.

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Delivering industry pioneering technologies to improve

field-based workforce scheduling solutions

A small selection of our trusted partners and software users

We push the boundaries of technology to enable our users to provide the highest level of quality and efficiency

Artificially intelligent algorithms focused
on improving mobile workforce scheduling

Cost Reduction and Maximise Profitability

Maximise Worker

Improve Service


We see things a little

The delivery of efficient and quality service is at the heart of NDGAI’s story. Our history is rooted in supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes to schedule thousands of hours of field-based services every day.

Our team has been developing SaaS workforce management solutions for almost 20 years and we pride ourselves on constantly evolving. We have a wealth of experience in developing scheduling software and use the latest technologies to continually develop and innovate our products and services.

Working with the University of Nottingham, our team completed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to improve workforce utilisation, pushing the boundaries of technology to enable our users to provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Collaborating with industry-leading experts, our partners and our software users, ensures we provide an exceptional product with an incomparable service that, together, deliver remarkable value to our partners, users and their service users.

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