Developing the
of mobile working

We believe we can solve today's mobile workforce problems using Artificial Intelligence.

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Why we do what we do

For many years, the process of scheduling mobile workers has become increasingly complex and regulated, especially in the face of challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of living crisis, and an aging population. For example, in the field of domiciliary care, the challenges are further compounded by increasing demand and a limited pool of caregivers, as well as the need to coordinate complex schedules, medication, transportation, and training for caregivers. These challenges can make it difficult to ensure that clients receive high-quality care in their own homes. 

At NDGAI it is our belief that complex scheduling problems like this can be addressed, on all fronts, considering the needs of business owners, the workforce, the clients, and regulatory requirements.

We strive to solve these challenges using Artificial Intelligence.

Our founder and CEO Nigel Gittins has been passionate about finding solutions to solve social care problems for over 20 years, back then Nigel’s parents were running a home care agency and he had a unique insight into the difficulties they faced when rostering staff – particularly with a growing workforce and client base. None of the rostering systems on the market at the time did what Nigel’s parents required: quick, easy and automated creation of staff schedules. With an extensive background in software development in the TV, oil and retail sectors, Nigel focused his skills on solving the issues his parents’ home care agency were facing. Nigel’s ultimate dream was to develop a “magic button” to schedule field-based workers automatically creating faster, more efficient schedules than those created manually using existing software solutions.  The idea for the magic button was formulated to fulfil an unmet need in the social care marketplace.  Year on year our aging population is growing, this combined with cuts to social care funding in the UK, is forcing the home care industry to provide more care with less funding and fewer resources.

How did we do this?

After years of artificial intelligence market research, the Optimisation department of Nottingham University responded to our call. As experts in optimisation, they recognised the automation of field based workforce scheduling as something not already solved and wanted to help develop a solution! Via a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership, the then student Dr. Rodrigo Pinheiro BSc MSc PhD was recruited, and after two years the first prototype was developed.

After almost a decade of development, working with multiple industries and millions of pounds of investment, NDGAI realised its dream and our story started here.

Our Solutions

Our cloud-base scheduling solution, powered by world-class artificial intelligence algorithms, solves organisations most common challenges.

OptifAI® is a powerful and versatile scheduling tool. Its ability to save time and labour by automating the creation and maintenance of schedules is a major benefit for businesses. It increases efficiency and productivity, its easy to use and responsive to business needs.

Our Routing API was developed to solve mass routing issues timely, efficiently and cost effectively. Easy to integrate with your existing systems, RoutifAI® generates accurate and efficient routes across multiple transport modes; car, bicycle and walking.